Royal Jet Airport Terminal
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Royal Jet Airport Terminal
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Royal Jet Airport Terminal
Abu Dhabi, UAE

The design of the new Royal Jet terminal at Abu Dhabi International airport rethinks the function of an airport. From the flowering garden to the arching form of the roofs, the design builds on local traditions of architecture and landscape to provide an experience more like that of a hotel than that of an airport.

Prevailing northwesterly winds are filtered by trees and cooled by the ornamental lake at the north side of the main entry. Computational fluid dynamics have been employed to analyze the air movement over the airport building and surrounding areas and to generate the aerodynamic form of the roof and cooling towers.

The decentralized plan locates a private departure lounge, conceived of as a majilis, adjacent to each aircraft parking position. Evaporative cooling towers at the motor court and at each lounge allow passengers to move from their vehicles to the guest facilities in a shaded and naturally tempered environment.

Great emphasis has been placed on the terminal design, ensuring flexibility for future expansion. However, the rest of the Royal Jet facilities, such as a hangar and new headquarters, have been developed with equal care and attention to detail. All offices in the hangar have access to sheltered private gardens. A roof garden and pergola provide shading for the car park.

A project of
Kohn Pedersen Fox (International) PA
in which the following people at PLP Architecture were involved: Lee Polisano was partner-in-charge; Richard Woolsgrove, head visualizer.

Royal Jet

Executive Private Terminal Headquarters Offices and Associated Terminal Facilities Airside and Landside Facilities, Cargo & Baggage Handling, Hangar


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