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Veanna Chan: 5 Minutes With

Go behind-the-scenes with me as I talk about my career in Architecture, what I likes about it, some of the challenges I have faced and things that I have been working on.

Neurodiversity and Colour

In ‘Designing for Neurodiversity’ our team at PLP Labs, with Centric Lab, explored how the design of offices have a significant impact on the physical and mental health their occupants.

Smart Sustainable Design: Are We Seeing Signs of Progress

The conversation around regenerative construction has come a long way in the last decade, with a maturing understanding of the possibilities and a growing public focus on how well the built environment meets our sustainability goals. It’s heartening to see increased attention on whether we’re delivering the sustainability benefits we truly need.

Can Urban Design Combat Loneliness and Foster Genuine Connections?

In a world where our population is booming, it’s paradoxical that we’re feeling more isolated than ever before. We’re living in an era of unparalleled connectivity. Yet, this digital age hasn’t necessarily translated into deeper social bonds. In fact, some argue it might be driving us further apart.

Urban Density and Green Spaces Can Work Together

As part of an in-depth internal conversation that we’re having at PLP Architecture and PLP Labs, I spoke with Property Week about the importance of urban green spaces and networks within our cities. The idea of increasing biophilia, meaningful greening, and wellbeing within our cities permeates throughout all of our work but has yet to really be seen in mainstream urban design. I believe that it’s critical to keep talking about these issues in the public eye, so that we can build on post-pandemic momentum and really improve the provision of green spaces in urban environments.