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Flavia Moretti

Flavia is an Associate Partner at PLP Architecture, specialising in interior design. Her work encompasses a broad range of projects ranging from office buildings, headquarters, residential and hotels. Since joining PLP Architecture in 2017, she has worked on developments in the UK, Russia, Middle East, India and Europe.

Grace Kan

Grace Kan is an Associate Partner at PLP Architecture, specialising in high-profile commercial and residential architecture and masterplan projects with a focus on placemaking strategy, circular economy, and sustainability. With extensive experience across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, Grace has worked on diverse projects worldwide, including masterplan developments, university complexes, retail regeneration, and innovative office designs. Recently, she contributed significantly to a high-profile office redevelopment on Savile Row, demonstrating carbon and circular economy strategies in alignment with Westminster City Council’s policies. Grace is actively involved in feasibility studies and plays a key role in storytelling and visual communication within project teams. She also conducts research on office business development in Southeast Asia.

Alex Davidson

Alex is Head of Communications at PLP Architecture, leading the studio’s efforts in broadcasting their work and expertise to the wider world. His focus covers the full width of PLP’s portfolio and includes coordination with PLP’s studios and PR partners around the globe.

Abhinav Chaudhary

Abhinav Chaudhary is an Associate Partner at PLP Architecture with a focus on parametric modelling, complex geometries, computational design, and material research. At PLP, Abhinav has been involved during the conceptual design stage of various office, retail, mixed use and residential projects across Europe and Asia. He is currently working on projects in Japan, bio-material research and visualising automated traffic systems.