Westferry Printworks, London, UK

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Hotel Ningbo, Ningbo, China

The design reflects the hotel’s significant location within the emerging ecological corridor in the Eastern New Town, a representational centre for natural renewal in the heart of the city of Ningbo.

Whitechapel Estate, London, UK

London’s Whitechapel is a vibrant, historic and ethnically-diverse district known for its street markets. Unlike neighbouring Aldgate which borders the City of London and which had witnessed significant private development in the past few years, development in Whitechapel has revolved mainly around the new Royal London Hospital and the construction of associated research and medical facilities. This is now set to change when the new Crossrail station opens in Whitechapel, significantly increasing its connectivity to other parts of London and attracting new residents.

Oakwood Timber Tower 2, The Lodge, The Netherlands

The design extends an earlier collaboration between PLP Architecture, Smith and Wallwork engineers and the Centre for Natural Material Innovation at the University of Cambridge. The 130m proposal for the World’s tallest State-of-the-Art all timber tower for Provast; a client involved in many socially responsive designs.

15/25 Davies Street, London, UK

The 21st Mayfair, located at 15-25 Davies Street in the heart of the Mayfair Conservation Area, takes the traditional mansion block, a staple of the London housing market since late Victorian times, and gives it a new twist.

Marina Towers, Beirut, Lebanon

Marina Towers, in central Beirut, is a symbol of the ambitious reconstruction of the city. The highest residential tower in the centre of the city, it located at the point where Beirut was said to have first begun—the place where the sea meets land—overlooking the new Marina. The concave shape of the building echoes the form of the harbour. The crescent shape of the apartment plan emphasizes the corner living areas, which provide dramatic panoramas to the sea and mountains.