Design Sustainability Architecture Urban Interior Product We believe in taking a holistic approach to sustainability and implement human-centric strategies on all projects. Our dedicated sustainability resource deals with individual needs of project briefs and client requirements; making use of digital tools for iterative early-stage analysis to evaluate our design decisions.View Projects Services Design Research Strategy

Product Ideation

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Strategy Repurposing Placemaking Positioning Workplace We start each project by seeking a balance between the existing and the new.  Through reusing and renewing, we advocate for transforming old buildings into vibrant and inspiring places to live, work and play.View Projects Services Design Research Strategy


Strategy Workplace Placemaking Positioning Repurposing Our strength lies in exploring, testing, and developing spatial models that support socialization, collaboration, and creativity.View Projects Services Design Research Strategy


Strategy Positioning Placemaking Workplace Repurposing We help clients to better understand how their organization, products and spaces communicate and engage. Through design thinking, we develop strategies and concepts to identify new markets and meet existing and future challenges. Services Design Research Strategy


Strategy Placemaking Positioning Workplace Repurposing Our urban realms work as three-dimensional spaces that combine multiple uses to encourage circulation, interaction, and encounters.View Projects Services Design Research Strategy


Research Material The Possible City Digital Design Tools User Experience Mobility We constantly investigate how emerging materials can reduce the environmental impact of building while transforming the way we inhabit our world. We are particularly interested in the evolving potentials of timber – a material both ancient and new.View Projects Selected Projects Services Design Research … Read more

User Experience

Research User Experience The Possible City Digital Design Tools Material Mobility We continually investigate how architecture is sensed and experienced. We employ an array of design strategies and digital techniques to reveal the intangible qualities of space and to convey them to multiple audiences. Services Design Research Strategy

Digital Design Tools

Research Digital Design Tools The Possible City User Experience Material Mobility The conception and production of architecture is deeply contingent on architecture’s disciplinary tools. Geometry, machine-learning, coding, simulation, optimization and robotics are fields that continually redefine our design process. Services Design Research Strategy


Research Mobility The Possible City Digital Design Tools User Experience Material To understand the future city, we must evaluate the critical role of mobility in contemporary life. Our research in Integrated Urban Mobility (IUMO) envisions a form of seamless movement through the city and its buildings that will radically change the nature of the urban … Read more