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Kunming Mix-C Tower
Kunming, china

Kunming Mix-C Tower
Kunming, china

Kunming Mix-C Tower
Kunming, china

This distinct new super-highrise tower anchors the heart of the new MixC Master Plan in Kunming, the dynamic cultural capital of Yunnan Province in China. The iconic design considers the city’s unique culture and context and occupies one of its most prominent sites.

Standing 64 storeys and 296m tall, the tower takes advantage of a temperate climate and draws design inspiration from the ancient vertical Stone Forest in nearby Shilin as well as the surrounding neighbourhood, which is filled with mid-rise buildings and dotted with dense green spaces.

It is composed of three stacked rectangular volumes of varying height and size that are separated by a series of inset skygardens, a visual reference to the horizontal cracks present throughout the Forest. These are open to the public and feature lush planted terraces, artwork and skylobbies for lift transfers.

Inside, modern and flexible floorplates will accommodate a diverse mix of tenants and feature the latest workplace technology and innovations. The high-performance facade allows the interior to be flooded with natural light and enables occupants to take advantage of incredible views over the surrounding area. On the lower levels, the building interfaces with a new six-floor shopping centre (which Benoy designed along with the overall master plan for the site), which helps to draw the public in off surrounding streets and provides additional amenities, like restaurants, shops and health facilities, for workers.

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