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Lee Polisano on Singaporean radio, talking about innovation, sustainable cities and life-centric design

July 26, 2022

PLP President & Founder Lee Polisano shared his views on the importance of future proofing cities in a post Covid-19 world. An interesting and thought-provoking discussion with Elliot Danker and Ryan Huang on Money FM 89.3. To listen to the full interview and download the podcast, follow the link below.

“As we address climate change, we have to look at not only how to build in a more optimal way and in a more friendly way, but we also have to look at how we make buildings that are more in tuned to the needs of the people that use them. And if we do that, we’ll make more resilient buildings. We’ll make buildings that are longer lasting, that have multi purposes throughout their life. If we promote health and well-being, that’s a very big contribution to a sustainable future for the planet.”

Lee Polisano