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Meet our Newest Team Member: Artificial Intelligence

The new “junior” in our studio resembles a recent graduate—skilled, equipped with the necessary tools, working remotely, and communicating exclusively via text-based chatrooms. Meet our latest team member: AI.

Traditionally, our workflow with human teams involves exchanging ideas, developing options, and refining designs until they align with our vision. This process sometimes demands overtime and weekend work. Working with AI mirrors this process but revolutionises it. AI can produce hyper-realistic outcomes within minutes by simply typing what’s in your imagination.

My team uses AI-generated images at various stages of the design process, letting AI generate various design options and iteratively refine them. We use it in:

  • Concept Development: Midjourney quickly transforms initial ideas into comprehensive design concepts, helping the team and clients understand our design intent more clearly.
  • Design Refinement: AI makes adding layers of detail and sophistication more efficient, providing numerous opportunities to explore various options. Tools like LookX.AI allow for quick generation of façade options.
  • Presentation: Previously, finding the right mood images or precedents could take hours. Now, AI tools save us time by generating the right visuals for presentations or design reports instantly.

The most exciting feature of AI, however, is not just its speed. It frees us to focus more on the creative aspects of design.

As we integrate AI more deeply into our architectural practices, we’re not just streamlining processes—we’re enhancing our core competencies and communication skills. Our skilled junior, AI, increases efficiency and saves time, freeing us from routine tasks. This allows us to focus on improving communication, sharpening logical thinking, and boosting creative outputs rather than handling visual tasks. By learning to communicate effectively with AI, we unlock new possibilities in design precision and innovation, ensuring our projects benefit from the best of both technology and human creativity.

As AI evolves, so will its role in architecture. Anticipating these changes means continuously refining our skills and approaches. Integrating AI into our workflow isn’t just about adopting a new tool—it’s about evolving with it. Embracing AI today is a step toward becoming the architect of tomorrow.


HaenSuk YI, Director

HaenSuk is a Director at PLP Architecture and is helping to spearhead the studio’s initiatives to better understand and utilise new AI tools. He also recently led the design team for the Korean National Meteorological Center, a winning competition entry that will be the country’s first net-zero government building.

South Korean National Meteorological Center

In our winning competition entry for Korea’s National Meteorological Center, we used Midjourney to help us explore early-stage concepts in various parts of the design; everything from spatial concepts to materiality and atmospherics.