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The Net-Zero Korean National Meteorological Center, Daejeon, Korea

The Korean National Meteorological Center is poised to become a landmark in sustainable architecture, representing Korea’s first net-zero government building. The new Center supports the National Meteorological Administration’s goal to be a leading positive influence against climate change.

PLP Architecture and COIMA Co-Host Singapore’s Centre for Liveable Cities in Milan

COIMA and PLP Architecture had the pleasure of co-hosting Centre for Liveable Cities delegates, comprising of 40 sectoral leaders as part of Singapore’s Executive Development & Growth Exchange (EDGE) programme. The day was held in Milan where the group explored themes of promoting district urban rejuvenation and revitalising ageing infrastructure to reduce net embodied carbon.

Tina Qiu speaks about Life Centric Design in Singapore

Tina Qiu, Director at PLP Architecture, recently spoke at the Zak World of Facades South East Asia conference in Singapore. Tina shared her expertise on life-centric design, a key principle of PLP Architecture’s work that puts people together with nature at the heart of every design.

Can we better design green cities while balancing economic and climate concerns? Lee Polisano speaks to Channel News Asia

With the completion of Bankside Yards’ first building on the horizon, Building Magazine’s Thomas Lane explores what will be the UK’s first major mixed-use net zero development. Thomas spoke to PLP’s Midori Ainoura and other key players on the project about creating a hypermixed cultural neighbourhood for London, integrating first-in-country energy technologies, and the complexities of rejuvenating and building around historic railway arches.

Tokyo Cross Park Vision, Tokyo, Japan

PLP Architecture has developed plans for a new district redevelopment in the prestigious and culturally significant Uchisaiwaicho 1-Chome district of Tokyo, which connects to the 16-hectare Hibiya Park and looks across to the Imperial Palace. PLP are the master designer and placemaking strategist for the entire development, as well as the architect for two of the four mixed-use towers on the 6.5-hectare site. The design is for a multi-stakeholder partnership, comprising of ten of Japan’s most prominent companies.

Park Nova, Singapore

Created for Shun Tak Holdings, this new luxury residential tower sits within a verdant site along Orchard Boulevard in Singapore’s most desirable neighbourhood: a biophilic vertical enclave redefining urban living in the garden city. Our inspiration for the project is drawn from its surroundings. We looked back to the 19th Century, when the region was filled with plantations and orchards laden with fruit, pepper and nutmeg, symbolising good fortune. The projects represents an encounter with nature – a moment in a secluded garden underneath a canopy of lush green trees.

Apgujeong, Seoul, South Korea

PLP Architecture, in collaboration with Tomoon Architects, have developed a proposal for a new residential development in South Korea’s Apgujung district. Situated between the serene Han River and a bustling retail thoroughfare, the development melds nature, luxury, and urban connectivity within an integrated and iconic architectural expression.