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‘Incredibly rare’ Roman discoveries found on-site at Holborn Viaduct

Archaeological excavations have revealed an extraordinary array of Roman (AD 43-410) finds, including wooden coffins and what appears to be a funerary bed, at the construction site for PLP-designed offices near Holborn Viaduct. Excavations have been taking place by MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) ahead of the construction of 265,000 sq. ft office scheme developed by Royal London Asset Management Property. Now six metres below modern street level, the team have uncovered the resting place of some of Roman London’s first residents.

30 Minories and Writers House get the green light

We’re delighted to share that the City of London has approved our vision for 30 Minories and Writers House. Our designs look to bring impactful community benefits to the area, revitalise the Minories streetscape, create meaningful green and public spaces, and to develop a flexible and sustainable workplace.

Urbanism Redux: People Centered Cities

Traditional transport systems are proving to not have the resilience needed to cope with everything from strikes, changing climate and global crises. This has prompted us at PLP Labs to explore alternative approaches to urban mobility. Some of our evolving ideas centre around concepts of automated urban mobility and promoting walkable cities as a viable solution to the current challenges.

PLP workplaces are paving the way for growth in the City of London

“While finance still dominates the Square Mile, there has been an influx of tech firms. Apple is renting office space across several floors at 22 Bishopsgate. TikTok has based its UK headquarters at the Kaleidoscope building next to Smithfield market and is taking more space in Farringdon.”

Unlocking the Future of Workplaces: Insights from the Team Behind Arbor

In a new video of Arbor, in London’s Bankside Yards, Midori Ainoura talks through some of the key ideas behind her design for the building. Alongside her, PLP’s Lee Polisano, Native Land’s Alasdair Nicholls, Jay Squier and Felicity Masefield, and Smart Spaces’ Dan Drogman, all explain what makes Arbor such an incredible workplace.