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Tina Qiu speaks about circularity, at the Asia Infrastructure Forum in Singapore

Tina Qiu spoke at this year’s Asia Infrastructure Forum in Singapore, about how PLP Architecture and PLP Labs are driving towards creating more circular economies and circular cities.
Her talk is the latest in a series that she is giving across Southeast Asia, where she is speaking to audiences about the importance of designing with circularity in mind.
To accompany her talk, we created the film below to drive home the message that our industry needs to do much more to limit our impact on the planet.
Alongside this, Tina spoke about some of PLP’s landmark sustainable projects, including The Edge in Amsterdam, which was the most sustainable office at the time, focusing on green, smart, and healthy designs, operating nearly carbon-neutral with minimal costs. Also, our Bankside Yard Masterplan in London, which uses a 5th generation energy network to drastically lower the energy requirements through systems that, for example, reuse heat from offices to heat residential water.

Veanna Chan to judge the Inspiring Women in Property Awards 2024

Veanna Chan, a Director at PLP Architecture, is a judge at this year’s Inspiring Women in Property Awards.

The prize aims to highlight those working within property, who are championing gender balance and creating a more diverse and inclusive industry.

AI Image Competition: Kai Nishimura Gives a Walkthrough of Round 1

At PLP Architecture, we are hosting an in-house AI Image Generation competition where our team members utilize AI technologies to respond to a series of architectural and urban briefs. The initiative gives us a platform to train in using AI tools, explore the opportunities of using AI in an architectural context, and to have a bit of fun while we’re at it.

Meet: Deepthi – PLP’s Sustainability Coordinator

Hi, I’m Deepthi. I’m an Architect with a specialisation in Sustainable Design. My role at PLP is to help to inform early-stage design in the eyes of sustainability. It’s about ensuring that our buildings make a positive impact on users and on the environment at the same time. My work is very varied, I work on all different scales and different typologies of buildings. At the moment, a lot of my work is outside of London in Japan, South Korea and the Middle East.

Meet our Newest Team Member: Artificial Intelligence

The new “junior” in our studio resembles a recent graduate—skilled, equipped with the necessary tools, working remotely, and communicating exclusively via text-based chatrooms. Meet our latest team member: AI.

Westminster City Council Major Planning Committee Approves Designs for 27 Savile Row

In a landmark decision last night, Westminster City Council’s Major Planning Committee approved the transformative redevelopment of the former West End Central Police Station, located at 27 Savile Row. This project marks a significant milestone in the revitalisation of the Northern End of Savile Row, bringing new life and vitality to northern end of this historic street.

27 Savile Row, London, UK

27 Savile Row is a new development at the northern end of the London’s famed street for top-end tailoring. The building will become a new hub for the next generation of tailors, including affordable workspaces and a training academy for the London Academy of Bespoke. The design introduces 6,000 sqm of Grade A office space, a vibrant destination restaurant, and extensive public realm enhancements.