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This changes everything

October 29, 2020

PLP Labs have published ‘This changes everything’, an in-depth exploration into the future of the built environment in a post-pandemic world.

The global health crisis has had a tremendous impact on the built environment, creating disruption that has reverberated through our industry, both locally and globally. This unprecedented time has made us question our visions of the future, how it might be different and what it might look like. As cities begin to reopen their economies, the long-term implications that the virus will have on how people work and congregate, and on how businesses and buildings function, are starting to emerge.

Our PLP Labs research team has worked with the input of specialists and business leaders to clearly illustrate the disruptions occurring within the built environment and to encourage positive change moving forward. ‘This changes everything’ explores the effect of the pandemic on fifteen different elements of the built environment, with each topic including an evaluation of key changes, suggestions on how to move forward, and a discussion with a leading voice in that particular field. Through three key chapters – ‘Overarching Themes’, ‘City Design’ and ‘Sectors’ – we investigate everything from Resilience, Construction, and Mobility, through to Open Space, Workplace and Homes.