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Tina Qiu, was Interviewed by Insider Trends Magazine on The Future of Retail Design

February 25, 2019

PLP Senior Associate Partner, Tina Qiu, was interviewed by Insider Trends magazine on the future of retail design. How can trends in design be reconciled with longevity and adaptability of space? Can constrictions in the brief instigate creative responses? And is their a vision for the future that helps guide our designs? Tina, architect and designer for the shell and core the new Adidas flagship store on Oxford Street, which will open later in the year, answers these questions and others.

“Before you can design something, you need to think about its intended purposes and how it can be used if things change. We need to create designs that adapt to a faster, more agile and efficient lifestyle. This goes back to good research and trends and defining which are temporary and which will last.”

Tina Qiu, PLP Architecture