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Westminster City Council Major Planning Committee Approves Designs for 27 Savile Row

May 17, 2024

In a landmark decision last night, Westminster City Council’s Major Planning Committee approved the transformative redevelopment of the former West End Central Police Station, located at 27 Savile Row. This project marks a significant milestone in the revitalisation of the Northern End of Savile Row, bringing new life and vitality to northern end of this historic street.

The redevelopment proposals by development manager Henigman Limited and designed by PLP Architecture include the introduction of over 6,000 sqm of Grade A office space, a vibrant destination restaurant, and extensive public realm enhancements. Importantly, the plans incorporate a 40 year, rent-free training and workspace for The London Academy of Bespoke along with 4 bursaries, supporting the next generation of tailoring talent. The space, the first of its kind in Mayfair, is a commitment to preserving the craft that defines Savile Row.

The proposal received substantial backing from the community, with over 100 positive comments from local businesses, Savile Row tailors, and residents. Key support came from the Savile Row Bespoke Association, which played a significant role in shaping the project.

Lee Polisano, President of PLP Architecture, added, “Our design brings the essence of Savile Row back into the northern end of the street, an area we know intimately following years of working in Mayfair. An apprentice’s academy and affordable workspaces create a hub for the next generation of tailors learning the trade to build their skills surrounded by experts. At the same time active frontages, attractive design and improved public realm will draw in foot traffic from Regent’s Street to businesses along the Row.”

“Whilst creating a more positive future for the area, the building is also designed with longevity in mind. Its low carbon design reuses approximately 95% of the stone from the existing building.”

Lee Polisano, President of PLP Architecture