WTC Tower Ten
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

WTC Tower Ten
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

WTC Tower Ten
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The new development at WTC is intricately interwoven into the existing fabric of the complex, creating a stimulating combination of richness and identity for the campus.

On the north, the characteristic curved glass roof extends further east in a swooping wave along the Strawinskylaan. The dynamic form of the roof profile embraces three office pavilions beneath. The pavilions will animate the northern edge of the campus and are conceived as a recognisable re-interpretation of the original extension of the WTC along Zuidplein on the west.

Glazed atria between the pavilions bring daylight deep into the plan and establish flexible meeting hubs for the new working community.

CBRE Investment Management

Offices, Conference and Amenities

20,000sqm Refurbishment
32,000sqm Extension

Completion late 2022

The new tower incorporates one of the original four towers, retaining and reinforcing the 1970s foundations and reusing and expanding the existing concrete structure – thus preserving its embodied carbon. The existing core is combined with a new high-rise core, and the tower volume rises from the orthogonal geometry of the WTC grid at its base, but gains a new freedom as it soars up into the sky.

The proposed additional space fits seamlessly into the existing complex, delivering efficient and captivating workplace within an exciting new architecture, and heralding a fresh phase in the continued development of the WTC campus.

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