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Yandex Headquarters
Moscow, Russia

Yandex Headquarters
Moscow, Russia

Yandex Headquarters
Moscow, Russia

PLP Architecture is designing an innovative new smart headquarters for Yandex, the global technology leader, in the Gagarinsky District of Moscow. The project sits on a prominent site near the Moskva River, a short distance from the some of the city’s leading research institutions and the company’s first office. When complete, the 170,000m2 campus will enable staff to have a healthy and sustainable place for seamless work and recreation, a space for inspiration and fun that will integrate technology with materiality to inspire new ideas and ways of working.

The sculptural, titanium-clad building is shaped to respect its sensitive context and to connect to the nearby parkland. Its adaptable design brings together staff from different parts of Yandex’s ecosystem, including on-demand ride sharing, internet search and Artificial Intelligence, within a single environment that celebrates the company’s identity, technological innovation and collaborative achievements.

The building is lifted up to reveal a welcoming, active ground floor that steps up across the site to connect a large, open plaza and green spaces on one side with neighbouring streets on the other. This continuous space is open to the public and includes restaurants, cafes, along with the Yandex Museum which highlights the company’s cultural and technological growth since the early 1990s. The main reception areas sit on a mezzanine level to further increase ground floor permeability and pedestrian access.


Headquarter Office Building

170,000 sqm

In Construction

At its heart, an open and light-filled central Hub houses collaborative zones, gadget testing areas, indoor green space along with flexible spaces that encourage interaction and exchange. Arranged around the Hub on three sides are long workspace wings interconnected by a series of bridges and open staircases. These wings house a variety of departments interspersed with shared amenities that accommodate casual digital and physical use throughout the day. Along the perimeter, a series of double-height spaces connect floors to break down sectional boundaries and to foster creativity through collaborative interaction and engagement. Employees have access to the building’s extensive wellbeing facilities which include a large swimming pool, basketball and squash courts, a gymnasium, spas, treatment rooms and saunas.

With its emphasis on health and wellbeing, the new headquarters for Yandex is conceived as a new post-pandemic workplace prototype. The campus, a celebration of human contact, collaboration and social engagement, is an embodiment of all the crucial aspects of work that cannot be achieved at home.

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