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60 Curzon
London, UK

60 Curzon
London, UK

60 Curzon
London, UK

Located in the historic Mayfair Conservation Area, 60 Curzon is one of Mayfair’s finest new residential buildings. The building’s façade, with its verticality and elegant curves, is detailed with intricate stonework, terracotta tiling and bronze accents. Behind this crafted exterior lies a complex and finely tuned machine for living, perfectly attuned to its surroundings.

60 Curzon houses 32 luxury apartments, including two penthouses and a two-storey townhouse. The building rises from a central shared garden, a rarity in Mayfair, with private balconies and stepped terraces on each level. The apartments, with interiors designed by Thierry W. Despont, feature high ceilings of 4.4 metres, bringing high levels of natural light. Residents have access to top-of-the-line amenities, including a luxury spa and wellness centre, underground car gallery with valet service, temperature-controlled hobby rooms, and an exclusive club lounge with private access to the ground floor restaurant.

60 Curzon’s façade is steeped in a history of local craftsmanship, with hand-set Portland Stone elevations featuring bespoke accents that recall the traditional detailing of the nearby Georgian townhouses while pushing the stylistic expression to a new level. Handcrafted bronze balustrades accentuate the curves of the building’s frontage, which is inspired by the banks of the historic River Tyburn that used to run below Curzon Street. The solid bronze doors at the entrance to the lobby and restaurant are bespoke and patinated, adding to the building’s refined aesthetic. At key moments, the Portland Stone steps back to reveal accents of dark green terracotta tiles.

In addition to its impressive design and amenities, 60 Curzon has also been sensitively integrated into the local streetscape. The building’s massing has been carefully sculpted to provide a smooth transition of scale from surrounding buildings, and at street level, new planting, public art, and extended pavements have been installed to comfortably integrate the development into the surrounding public realm.

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