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Gavin Eldred

October 25, 2017

It is with enormous regret and great sadness that we inform you of the unexpected passing of our colleague, our mentor, and most of all, our great friend Gavin Eldred.

Many of us were fortunate to know and work with Gavin for many years. His breadth of knowledge, deep commitment to the craft of our discipline and his ability to bring buildings to life have enriched some of our most important and pivotal projects.

Gavin possessed unique abilities that enabled him to assemble, orchestrate and inspire teams throughout all stages of design, galvanising them to accomplish more than they ever thought possible. Through his generous and patient mentoring, he trained an entire generation of younger architects, who, in turn, admired Gavin as the exemplar of what an architect should be.

Gavin’s legacy will endure in the ambitious and innovative buildings he helped create.