Hotel Ningbo
Ningbo, China

Hotel Ningbo
Ningbo, China

Hotel Ningbo
Ningbo, China

The design reflects the hotel’s significant location within the emerging ecological corridor in the Eastern New Town, a representational centre for natural renewal in the heart of the city of Ningbo.

The plan of the hotel is organised along a central north-south axis formed by five interlinked landscaped courtyards which provide access to the individual hotel blocks. Each central courtyard is framed by a protective colonnaded walkway and has a different environment and microclimate.

The five environments follow the principles of the Chinese theory of the 5 elements (wood, fire, metal, water and earth) which here correspond to five seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter plus a “neutral” season) and five colours (green, red, white, black and yellow). The combination of elements–materials, colours and t seasonal planting-defines the architectural and environmental characteristics of each courtyard, making each one unique.

The different uses and architectural expressions offer guests a rich variety of spaces, ever changing with the passage of time.

Eastern New Town Committee (ENT)


5.6 ha (Total Site Area)
29,250sqm (Total Built Area)

Design Concept

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