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Park Nova

Park Nova

Park Nova

Created for Shun Tak Holdings, this new luxury residential tower sits within a verdant site along Orchard Boulevard in Singapore’s most desirable neighbourhood: a biophilic vertical enclave redefining urban living in the garden city. Our inspiration for the project is drawn from its surroundings. We looked back to the 19th Century, when the region was filled with plantations and orchards laden with fruit, pepper and nutmeg, symbolising good fortune. The projects represents an encounter with nature – a moment in a secluded garden underneath a canopy of lush green trees.

An important aspect of the brief was to orient the residences towards three identified viewing corridors. Responding to this requirement, we shaped the building with three distinct wings.  Elevated above the tree canopy on slender columns, the ensuing floorplates are gently curved, recalling the undulating outline of butterfly wings. This arrangement maximises the potential for natural shading and ventilation as it establishes an everchanging silhouette suggesting different readings depending on the viewer’s vantage point, the weather and the time of day.

Fifty-four residences, ranging from 2 to 5 bedrooms, have been arrayed across 21 storeys, each bathed in light, with 270 degrees panoramic views across the city’s skyline. The spacious apartments include entertaining and private spaces that seamlessly connect to generous planted terraces and gardens that act as a natural barrier to noise and air pollution. Each floor flutters in and out, alternating in shape to create natural shading for the outdoor spaces.

Shun Tak Holdings

Luxury Residential Tower with Amenity Spaces

In Construction

Planters occupy the wings on each floorplan and are interspersed with balconies. Expansive glass doors open onto the planted terraces, bringing immediate connections to greenery and vegetation. In these areas trailing greenery is introduced to help temper the air temperature when the doors and windows are open. The greenery is layered visually porous and expansive, creating the sense of living in a garden.

The residences are complemented by an equally green amenity complex arrayed over two levels. A lush landscape level floating above the ground includes a pool, jacuzzi, meditation deck, and an intimate residents’ pavilion. Above, on the 14th floor, a sky terrace accommodates a gym, lounge, private function room, along with additional outdoor space.

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