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‘Ephemeral’ launches at the London Design Biennale, a transformative vision for natural and flexible living

June 1, 2023

‘Ephemeral’ has launched at the London Design Biennale and is on display in Somerset House until the 25th June! The installation showcases a new concept of living – natural and flexible – in a home that transforms with you.

Through ‘Ephemeral’, the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Natural Material Innovation and PLP Architecture show their research into natural materials and flexible systems for future homes. The exhibit proposes the apartment as an open space with fixed services, where residents can add or subtract moveable walls according to their needs.

The research was led by Ana Gatóo, Michael Ramage and Ron Bakker. It was conducted with Darshil Shah, Harry Mills, Yelda Gin, Dario Marino, Mutsuko Grant, Eduardo Wiegand, Antiopi Koronaki, Savannah Willits, Abhinav Chaudhary and others.

Support was received from the Laudes Foundation, The Future Observatory and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Discover more about the project here and book your tickets here.