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PLP Labs launch ‘Use of Wearables in the Office’ a new report for the BCO

April 21, 2021

PLP Labs, with their research partners, have launched ‘Use of Wearables in the Office’. The report is the culmination of their research for the BCO into how wearables can transform how we monitor health and wellbeing in the office.

As part of the report, the team ran a pilot study where participants wore fitness bands and posture monitors, whilst their vitals were monitored as they did their daily work in various specially crafted scenarios in the office and working from home.

The study helped the team establish best practice for using these tools for evaluating occupant health and wellbeing. The report also explores the future impacts this will have on how post-occupancy evaluations are conducted, the responsibilities of employers and landlords, and ultimately how office workers relate to the spaces around them.

For companies, a large part of the S in ESG is employee health and wellbeing. This report provides a new data-based approach to evaluating and improving this, by measuring the human as well as their environment.