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Arbor wins big at the UK International Property Awards

December 5, 2023

Arbor has won two awards at the UK International Property Awards, taking the prizes for Best Office Architecture London and Best Office Architecture United Kingdom.

The new workplace, in PLP’s Bankside Yards masterplan, is an office with an urban feel, a crossover between work life and city life. The building is elevated above the railway line, creating a series of spaces that promote dynamic interactions between workers, clients, and locals.

Wellbeing is at the forefront of Arbor’s design. High ceilings and full-height glazing fill the workspaces with natural light and offer panoramas of the city. Terraces on every other floor create transitional zones between outside and inside, end-of-trip amenities make healthy mobility easy, and embedded technology makes for a seamless and comfortable workday.

On top of this, Arbor operates on 100% renewable energy and has net-zero operational carbon emissions from day one. The masterplan is the UK’s first major fossil-fuel-free mixed-use development and is powered by a 5th generation energy grid.

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