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Unlocking the Future of Workplaces: Insights from the Team Behind Arbor

September 14, 2023

“I think a holistic approach is so important, because the target of future workplaces is activating people.

We believe we need three things. One is the wellness function, which makes you fit, ready to think. Second is the social interaction function, to bring different ideas and to interact, to create trust bonding. And the third one is the knowledge convergence function, different ideas to overlap each other and then create new ones.”

In a new video of Arbor, in London’s Bankside Yards, Midori Ainoura talks through some of the key ideas behind her design for the building.

Alongside her, PLP’s Lee Polisano, Native Land’s Alasdair Nicholls, Jay Squier and Felicity Masefield, and Smart Spaces’ Dan Drogman, all explain what makes Arbor such an incredible workplace.

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