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Urban Density and Green Spaces Can Work Together

As part of an in-depth internal conversation that we’re having at PLP Architecture and PLP Labs, I spoke with Property Week about the importance of urban green spaces and networks within our cities. The idea of increasing biophilia, meaningful greening, and wellbeing within our cities permeates throughout all of our work but has yet to really be seen in mainstream urban design. I believe that it’s critical to keep talking about these issues in the public eye, so that we can build on post-pandemic momentum and really improve the provision of green spaces in urban environments.

Read my full thought-piece on Property Week here

Bernard Storch, Partner

“During the pandemic green spaces demonstrated a remarkable resilience and they are essential to the transformation of our cities into more desirable and sustainable places. This is a challenge, but urban density and green spaces are not inherently in conflict. They can complement each other to create vibrant and healthy cities. …”