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David Leventhal, FAIA

Founding Partner

David, a Founding Partner of PLP Architecture, has led the practice in developing successful projects across the UK, Europe, US, China and the Middle East.

Throughout his career, he has been widely regarded as being at the forefront of innovative architectural design, whilst also being a leading voice in the debate about the direction of modern architecture in the city today. David’s focus is on designing buildings and spaces that transform our cities, with the aim of enabling people to make better and more fulfilling connections to each other, their communities and their environments. He has a particular interest in the place of contemporary architecture in historical cities. In line with this thinking, David designed a series of academic buildings set in the heart of the great English universities, including projects at Oxford University, the London School of Economics and Imperial College.

David is the author of ‘Another Kind—a Survey of the Possible City’, a book which places PLP’s work and ideas within the context of global events between 2010-2020. He is also a collector of old master and 19th century drawings.