Park modern
London, UK

park modern
London, UK

park modern
London, UK

Located adjacent to Hyde Park in London, Queensway Residences sets a new benchmark for prime residential development in the heart of the city.

With uncompromising detail that incorporates the character and heritage of the site and its relationship to the landmark historic landscape, the project will deliver 62 residences within the highly desirable Queensway Conservation Area.

The gently undulating façade extends and amplifies the language of the adjoining terraced townhouses as it reflects the natural rolling landscape which it faces. From within the residences, these bowed sitting rooms establish a powerful yet intimate connection with the Park.

The facade is conceived with deep reveals, projected balconies and setbacks, giving the principal elevation a distinct character and liveliness. Material combinations create soft contrasts of metal and stone, to produce a textural and layered frontage. The coloration is warm, contextual and presents a gentle, earthy background to the rich foliage of Hyde Park.

Bayswater Road (Holdings) Ltd

Residential, Commercial and Retail

55 1-4 Bedroom Homes

16,127 sqm

Planning Consent

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