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Tower Ten launches in Amsterdam’s World Trade Centre

PLP Architecture is pleased to announce the completion of Tower Ten, a significant extension to the World Trade Centre (WTC) in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district. The project adaptively reuses 20,000m2 of existing 1980s concrete structure to create 52,000m2 of future-proofed offices and to redefine the identity of the site, further establishing the World Trade Centre as the Netherlands’ leading business hub. Tower Ten represents the latest evolution in the WTC’s forty-year history, providing an answer to the changing needs of today’s office occupiers where experience, quality and amenity is key.

Mark Kelly Catches up with Architecture Today at the BCO Annual Conference, Dublin

“I would say that periods of economic uncertainty are great for architecture. It makes people more willing to explore new ideas. For those of us in the creative industries it allows us to explore opportunities and maybe different types of spaces and to focus not just on making new buildings but how to add to and adapt existing structures. It gives you time to explore different types of materials. It’s a great time to explore and innovate.”

PLP Labs’ mycelium building blocks featured by the World Economic Forum

Over the course of the year, PLP Labs has been developing highly sustainable innovative modular building blocks, created with 3D printed wood and mycelium, that look to pave the way for a more sustainable future. After a successful exhibit of the research and the bio-blocks themselves, news of the ground-breaking innovation is spreading.