Osong Biovalley Masterplan, Korea

In an attempt to decentralise its national government, South Korea is building Sejong City, a new administrative capital in the centre of the country. Osong Biovalley forms a satellite of this new town, and a hub for the biotechnology industry close to central government. PLP and Tomoon Architect’s entry into an international competition for the Osong Masterplan reimagines the structure of a Korean city to create new forms of collectivity for a research oriented community, breaking the mould of traditional science parks by preserving nature amidst a dense urban environment.

Milan Fiera, Milan, Italy

The aim of the intervention is the creation of a new symbolic and recognizable urban centre for Milan. In order to stitch the site to the surrounding urban fabric, the scheme proposes a new urban block pattern generated by the superimposition of the existing grids from the neighbouring districts of the city.

Milan Varesine, Milan, Italy

The regeneration of the Varesine area, an important district in northern Milan, is a unique opportunity for the city. For the first time in Milan’s history, the area is the object of an intervention intended to reconnect it to the city’s urban fabric and reinforce its character as an area of access and interchange.

Al Ain Masterplan, Abu Dhabi, UAE

This new gateway development is organised around a central oasis garden, overlooked by both the proposed hotel and residential apartments. The conference centre, elevated above the central garden, forms the focal point of the development and fronts the new arrival square in front of the airport’s passenger terminal.

15/25 Davies Street, London, UK

The 21st Mayfair, located at 15-25 Davies Street in the heart of the Mayfair Conservation Area, takes the traditional mansion block, a staple of the London housing market since late Victorian times, and gives it a new twist.

21 Davies Street, London, UK

21 Davies StreetLondon, UK 21 Davies StreetLondon, UK 21 Davies StreetLondon, UK Related Projects Related Projects

Marina Towers, Beirut, Lebanon

Marina Towers, in central Beirut, is a symbol of the ambitious reconstruction of the city. The highest residential tower in the centre of the city, it located at the point where Beirut was said to have first begun—the place where the sea meets land—overlooking the new Marina. The concave shape of the building echoes the form of the harbour. The crescent shape of the apartment plan emphasizes the corner living areas, which provide dramatic panoramas to the sea and mountains.